Download Templates

Welcome to the WOV-IN® Product Template Library!
 Now it's easy to see how your clients logos will look on our brilliantly detailed WOV-IN® productsClick on your product category, select your desired template image and follow directions for downloading.  Templates are available for Elite, Elite+(Plus), Elite2(Squared), and Elite Fringe items.  For Classic, Cord, Gold, Platinum, and Premium items we will size your artwork accordingly.


Step 1:  Download the artwork template.


Step 2:  Insert your .eps or .ai vector artwork into the template and size accordingly.

Minimum Sizes:

Sans Serif Fonts: 10pt.*

Serif Fonts: 14pt.*

Lines and/or Stroke Weights: 1pt or thicker.

*Some font styles may need to be larger.


Step 3:  Convert all fonts to outlines if adding new text.


Step 4:  Incorporate up to eight colors for your design - including background (see color guide).


Step 5:  E-mail completed artwork template to - the distributors' name and purchase order number must be referenced in the subject line.  Please include PDF for viewing.


Step 6:  Fax your purchase order with all colors listed and include a copy of your artwork.






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