Artwork Terminology


Vector artwork is scalable, editable art created in Adobe Illustrator or a similar program.  This means the artwork is a series of distinct objects that can be selected separately and manipulated individually.  The artwork will be clear with sharp lines and without ragged edges or a pixilated appearance.  We prefer receiving artwork in the following file formats:


.AI - Adobe Illustrator CS3 or earlier

.EPS - Encapsulated Post Script CS3 or earlier

.PDF - Vector PDF only CS3 or earlier



In vector artwork please convert all fonts to outlines.  By converting your fonts the artwork will maintain the look and integrity that was intended.  Unfortunately, we cannot convert your fonts for you.  There are thousands of different fonts, if we ask you to convert your fonts it is because we do not have the font that was used to create your artwork.  If we use the random font chosen by Adobe Illustrator the look of your font and artwork may change considerably.



Embedded or other images placed within a vector file are not suitable for our Wov-In process.  If you embed a JPEG, TIFF, GIF, or PSD image into a vector art program, this does not change them into a vector image.  If you send artwork with a linked image, please send along the linked image and make sure it is a vector file.



With our weaving process we can only weave solid areas of color.  Please remove all gradients or shading before sending in artwork.

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